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Hi there! I’m Robin, founder of CaliGirl Cooking. I started this blog as a way to share my favorite recipes and my love for cooking with my family and friends. Once I saw how much they appreciated it, I decided to grow the blog and share my recipes with the rest of the world.

I’m now a busy mom and love sharing family-friendly recipes that are more nutritious, with fewer dishes! I love sharing meal prep and time-saving tricks to show other moms that they can always have healthy, minimally processed foods on hand for their children and spouses.

My love for food started in college, when I began having to put my own food on the table every night while simultaneously making sure I was getting enough nutrients to sustain me through long days of class, volleyball practice, strength training and conditioning. I started experimenting and soon learned that I loved not only the process of making food but that I also felt so much better when I made something from scratch as opposed to buying pre-packaged products from the center aisles of the grocery store.

I graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Psychology, and found myself working for an event production company in Honolulu right after I completed college. I have always loved party planning, so this was a natural career move for me. It was here that I really, truly fell in love with the Food & Beverage side of the hospitality world. I was lucky enough to work closely with some of Hawaii’s top chefs, and also jumped into seriously studying the world of wine.

I soon realized that my love for food, wine and cooking could not be quieted, so I left my event production gig, enrolled in culinary school, got a job as a line cook at a local French bistro, and signed up for my first level sommelier exam.

After realizing how much I missed my home state of California, I moved back and started working in the winery business in Napa, while also completing my First Level Sommelier certification and the Certified Specialist of Wine designation. Although I was no longer in culinary school, Napa was the perfect breeding ground for my love of food and wine to blossom. I dined in some of the world’s best restaurants and got to taste top-rated wines. Some truly unforgettable experiences that have further fed my passions.

I currently live in Santa Barbara with my husband and baby girl and love cooking for friends and family and experimenting with new recipes. It has been so fun introducing my daughter (and, yes, even my husband!) to flavors and foods that they have never tasted before. With very little free time between staying home with my daughter and running the blog as my full-time business, I’ve also learned more than a handful of tricks when it comes to saving time in the kitchen.

My hope for CaliGirl Cooking is to encourage busy moms and their families to get in the kitchen and cook healthy, minimally processed foods – no matter how much free time they think they have – and to show them that with a little bit of planning, even the shortest amount of free time can go a long way. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. I love connecting with all of you so please be sure to drop a line and say hello! XO


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