Cucumber Elderflower Gin Fizz

Thursday, Thursday…

Cucumber Elderflower Gin Fizz | CaliGirl Cooking

I’m headed out to Vancouver early tomorrow morning for a work conference so today was essentially my Friday (as far as being in the office goes at least…somehow when you’re traveling for work it doesn’t quite feel like the average workday.) I swear by the time I get back to a full five-day work week in mid-January, I won’t remember what it feels like! That will be a very sad day. Why can’t all companies just adopt a four-day work week? #lifegoals

So, before I head off on my Canadian adventure, I wanted to leave you with your weekly cocktail recipe. This here’s a very light, refreshing drink. I made it with the idea that over these next few weeks we’re all going to be trying our darndest to clean up our eating habits and get back into a healthy groove.

Whenever I make (or order cocktails) I try to eliminate as much sugar as possible. I’ve had enough sugary drinks in my 30 years here on earth (well, nine drinking years technically…cough cough) to know that the higher the level the sweetness in a cocktail, the worse the hangover the next day. Plus, who needs all of those extra calories anyway? If I am adding any sort of sweetener, I try to make it as natural as possible. Fresh ingredients > processed ingredients ALWAYS!

Cucumber Elderflower Gin Fizz | CaliGirl Cooking

I know it’s not exactly up everyone’s alley, but I am a huge fan of gin. I love the floral, herby taste that it lends on its own or when mixed into a cocktail. It is so much more exciting to my taste buds than boring old vodka, and the extra flavors mean you don’t have to add as many mixers! Win win.

I am such a fan of gin, in fact, that if I have a really good bottle, I will just pour it over ice, MAYBE add a splash of soda water, garnish it with a lime wedge and enjoy it just like that. This is how I enjoy my absolute favorite gin, Cutler’s (and oh hey, it’s made in Santa Barbara!) However, I realize that not everyone is as big a fan of gin as I am, or that not all of you have access to a gin as amazing as Cutler’s (trust me, if you can ever get your hands on some, do it! You will not regret it.)

So, I came up with a simple gin fizz recipe that will gussy up any old brand that might be offered at your local liquor or grocery store. I mean, really, when you add fresh cucumber and elderflower liqueur to any clear alcohol, where can you go wrong?

This gin fizz cocktail is so refreshing that you’ll be able to continue to make it even as the weather warms up towards summertime, yet you’ll be happy enjoying it now when you’re focusing on healthy eating and still want that little something to celebrate the start of the weekend.

Alright kids, I’m out! Any suggestions for what I should see, eat or drink while I’m in Vancouver? Please comment below! XO

Cucumber Elderflower Gin Fizz | CaliGirl Cooking

Cucumber Elderflower Gin Fizz
A light and refreshing gin cocktail infused with cucumber and elderflower liqueur.
  • 3-5 cucumber slices
  • 1.5 ounces gin
  • 0.5 ounce elderflower liqueur such as St. Germain
  • Top with club soda
  1. Fill a high ball glass about half full with ice. Add cucumber slices and muddle with ice so juices release. Add gin and elderflower liqueur, top with club soda. Stir to mix. Garnish with extra cucumber (if desired.)

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