Hey mama, I see you.

I see you rushing to get a healthy dinner on the table for your family every night. 

I see you struggling to “step outside the box” when it comes to what to make.

I see you fighting back tears and resentment when your little one(s) refuse to eat what you’ve made. 

Most importantly, I see you carrying the weight of caring for your family on your shoulders.

I see you, because I’ve been you. 

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by, because it’s my personal mission to help other mamas like you find their own unique recipe for a balanced life.

I believe that all moms can make delicious, healthy meals for their family with confidence and ease, and that nourishing ourselves and our loved ones shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. 

Here’s what other mamas have to say:

“I’m a small business owner and I rarely have time to think or plan my meals. The recipes I find on Robin’s blog have saved me so much time because I don’t have to come up with meal inspiration on my own. I can focus more on my business and just jot down my grocery store list and follow her recipes for my weekday meals. It’s a lifesaver!” – Alison

“My toddler has tried new food that I didn’t think to offer him before because I assumed he wouldn’t eat it.” – Jessica

“Robin is crazy-skilled at getting toddlers to transition from dinner time drama-queen to adventurous eater in no time!” – Katie

Dream big dreams for a second…

Imagine having a homemade meal on the table every night – one that the entire family will enjoy – without spending all your precious time in the kitchen. 

No more tantrums, no more personal chef-ing, no more of the same exact thing for dinner each night of the week – it’s all perfectly in reach for you.

When you become a member of the CaliGirl Cooking community, you’ll learn how to be confident, creative and efficient when it comes to cooking delicious, wholesome meals for your family. There’s an easy way to do this, you just need a few simple systems in place.

A mom and daughter smiling at the camera while sitting on the couch reading a book.Hi, I’m Robin! 

Food blogger, mom, educator and coach helping busy moms like you nourish your families while saving time and money in the process. I share all that I’ve learned to create balance, time and nutrition for my own family with you through blog posts, online courses and face-to-face interaction to help you find your own unique recipe for a balanced life.

Some other fun facts about me:

I’m a Level One Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine. In other words, I love me some vino!

I played Division-I volleyball in college at the University of the Pacific. Go Tigers!

I’m 6’2”, my husband is 6’10” and we’re hoping to retire after our daughter (who is likely to be around 6’5”)  becomes a professional athlete at the age of 18 😉

I’m a sucker for a good crossword puzzle.

I HAVE to eat breakfast or I will be a nightmare the rest of the day 😛

But in all seriousness, let me tell you a story…

When my daughter was born, my world was – in a word – “shook”. For just as much love and admiration I had for her, I had equal amounts of exhaustion and hopelessness that my life would ever be the same. My proverbial cup was empty, and I felt like I had nothing to sip from.

When my daughter started eating solid foods, I knew things had to change. She was going to learn most of her eating habits from me, after all, and I certainly didn’t want her to grow up thinking it was okay to eat toast every night. But I was still spread so thin. It was then that I knew that, if I was going to make this happen, I needed a foolproof system that would help me do it WITHOUT draining what last drops of energy I had. Thanks to much trial and error, I eventually perfected my own systems and shortcuts that enabled me to make cooking healthy, homemade meals for my family a consistent reality. In the process, I was also able to come up with my very own library of healthy, delicious recipes that would come together with hardly any effort. 

I learned that the key to me being a positive role model for my daughter wasn’t how elaborate of a meal I could make, but rather the time I could give back to her when I wasn’t slaving away in the kitchen or stressing out over what to make. That with just a little extra organization and a whole lot of grace for myself, I could share my love for food with my daughter and fill up my own cup as well.  

Are you ready to start taking control in the kitchen and, well, life?A mom and daughter slicing peaches together in the kitchen.

No matter where you are in your family feeding journey so far, I’ve got something for you.

If you have a little one just getting ready to start out on his or her solid food journey, be sure to look for all the signs I mentioned in this post: When Is My Baby Ready to Start Solids

And if your babe is exhibiting the signs and raring to go, here are some of the Best First Foods for Baby-Led Weaning.

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I can’t wait to get to know you!

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