Meal Planning Services

My mission is to help mamas find balance, both in the kitchen and out. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to figure out my own recipe for a balanced life (you can read more about that here), but once I got a taste of what it felt like, I knew I wanted to help other moms get there, too.

A mom and daughter doing meal prep together in the kitchen.

I know every one of us is different – with our own strengths, weaknesses, challenges and successes – which is why I offer one-on-one, personalized meal planning and time management consulting services for the modern busy mom. Your life is unique, and I will help you make the most of it.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Feeling like you have no time to cook;
  • A lack of energy or motivation to get a nutritious, homemade meal on the table for your family every night;
  • Constant mealtime battles with your little ones;
  • No idea of what to cook;
  • No idea of HOW to cook;
  • Being a personal chef for every member of your family; OR
  • Just feeling like you’re always running in circles in this crazy game of mom-life


There’s no reason you should feel this way, so let’s chat about mastering your game both in the kitchen and out. Reach out to me today.

Here’s what you can look forward to after our time together:

  • Managing family mealtimes like the true superwoman that you are
  • Saving hours in the kitchen each week by implementing just a few simple techniques
  • Making just ONE dish for the entire family each night
  • Kids that won’t turn their noses up at everything you put on the table
  • Organizational tools that you can use in every aspect of your life
  • A renewed sense of energy and peace surrounding mealtimes and, well, being a mom!

A mom and daughter enjoying a delicious homemade lunch together.

What is a Custom Meal Plan?

A custom meal plan is a meal plan that is completely tailored to you and your family’s own specific needs. Forget the cookie-cutter meal plans that are available for free all over the Internet, because odds are there will always be some dish you don’t like, or a day you can’t implement because, well, life gets in the way. The meal plans I’ll create for you take all of your taste preferences, food allergies/restrictions, and daily commitments into account to create more structure and less stress in your life.

Based on a constant feedback loop, we’ll hone in on manageable meals that you’ll be able to make based on the time and skills you already have. And you’ll also learn a lot in the process!

The best part is, YOU don’t have to spend any time sifting through recipes on a weekly basis or scribbling down a haphazard grocery list. I’ll do all of the monotonous work for you! Simply fill me in on your needs and I’ll deliver a Weekly Meal Plan, organized Shopping List, Pantry Checklist and Freezer Meal Cheat Sheet – all completely done for you! – in your inbox each week.

How a Personalized Meal Plan Can Help You

Here are just some of the areas of your life where you’ll see a vast improvement when using my personalized meal plans:

  • Your grocery bill – Save loads of money each week by decreasing impulse buys, preparing one meal the entire family will eat, and avoiding last-minute trips to the drive-thru or ordering takeout.
  • Cut down on time spent in the kitchen (and grocery shopping!) – Using the tools I provide you with each week, you’ll be drastically cutting down on your trips to the store, using my meal prep hacks to slash the time it takes you to prepare food each day, and – perhaps best of all – saving all the time and stress of having to sift through recipes and try to figure out what to make for your family each day!
  • Your health – It’s no secret that being organized and well-intentioned in the kitchen can have a massive effect on your health. While I do not feature calorie counting or fad diets in my plans, there’s a high probability you’ll notice a significant difference in your weight and/or physical stamina and/or mood when you’re being intentional about what you’re putting into your body. Fewer impulse buys, less mindless snacking and an overall more positive mindset towards preparing food will have a massive impact on your health.

How My Personalized Meal Planning Services Work:

  1. Reach out! Because all of my meal plans are so customized, I only work with a limited number of clients at a time. Email me at [email protected] to see what my current availability looks like.
  2. Help me get to know you by filling out a simple online questionnaire.
  3. Schedule a quick call with me (15-30 minutes) to go over any outstanding questions.
  4. Let me know any of your current favorite recipes – we’ll do this via Pinterest and/or email.
  5. Time for me to get to work! I’ll share a Google drive folder with you that has everything you need – a Weekly Meal Plan (complete with recipes and tips for when to get your prep on), your organized Shopping List, a Pantry Checklist and a Freezer Meal Cheat Sheet to keep track of all the fun things we’ll be making these next few weeks.
  6. Give me feedback! The more feedback you give, the better I’ll be able to deliver exactly the meal plan you need.


What’s the time frame of your meal planning services?

Because I’m so passionate about seeing you succeed, the minimum amount of time I spend with a client is one month. In order to help you achieve the most significant results and get in a solid meal planning groove, I highly recommend a three-month timeframe for us to work together. Of course, we can always continue on longer based on my availability.

How much do your personalized meal planning services cost?

Prices start at $350 a month for the most basic plan (and are always subject to change). Certain things that will affect the pricing are: family size, number of meals I’m helping you plan per day, extensive food restrictions, registered dietitian/nutritionist input and baby-led weaning/picky toddler consultations.

how much time will i need to devote to this process each week?

I ask that my clients are able to commit to at least two hours of meal prep each week and whatever time it takes to give me the feedback I need to ensure I’m providing you with THE most valuable meal plans for your family. This typically comes out to only 20-30 minutes per week.

The initial onboarding process will take 1-2 hours.

All of these numbers will seem trivial when you see how much extra time you’ll be faced with after implementing my plans each week!

What if i need specific help in getting my baby or toddler to eat more foods?

I’m happy to help with this! With specialties in baby-led weaning and feeding toddlers (especially picky ones!) I offer unique psychological and culinary insights and techniques to turn your little ones into healthy, adventurous eaters.

What if I’m not happy with the services I’m getting?

Because my meal plans are so personalized (and based on so much feedback from you), I’d certainly hope that wasn’t the case. That being said, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with my services, I’ll be happy to refund you for any prepaid services that have not yet been rendered. This agreement will be clearly outlined in the client contract we will both sign prior to working together.

If everything I mentioned above sounds like a dream to you, get in touch so we can make it your reality. I know how hard you work every day. You deserve this, mama. I can’t wait to get to know you!